April 2011 • Volume 3 • Issue 4

Next Meeting: Saturday – May 21, 2011

“Civilization Jihad”

The Honorable Allen B. Clark
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Fun and Successful!


Donna Broder ~ President
The “Totally Texas” potato supper and fundraiser was a great success. A special thank you to the committee chairs, Janas Byrnes and Judge Erleigh Wiley, who coordinated an amazing event. Cedar Mountain Lodge was the ideal venue for our Texas theme, and everyone had a great time. We also want to thank our officials who donated the delicious homemade cakes for the “Bake Off”. With the exception of wedding cakes, never before have I seen a homemade cake sell for $300 . It was definitely entertaining to watch the bidding war.

We are also grateful to our generous sponsors. With their help, we were able to raise a considerable amount to help us help our candidates in the upcoming election year. The final totals have not yet been tallied, but more information will be provided at Saturday’s meeting.

So, thank you to all of our ladies, distinguished speaker, guests, and sponsors who made this year’s fundraiser an evening of success and fun.
Chris Taliaferr, Auctioneer



Legislative Update


Erleigh Wiley ~ VP, Legislation
Some important legislation that passed this session in the House is a balanced budget that does not raise taxes or use the Rainy Day Fund in the upcoming biennium. Passage of a Voter ID law that protects the integrity of our elections. Recent passage of HB12 that eliminates sanctuary cities in our state and establishes a strong statewide policy dealing with immigration laws which the federal government refuses to enforce. The Senate and the House are currently working on a budget.



Relay for LifeTeam Joyce


Jody Deller ~ Immediate Past President
On April 29, 2011, Team Joyce ( for Joyce Lewis) set up their campsite at Furlough Middle School in Terrell for an all night relay for the American Cancer Society. The theme of the Relay was movies and our team’s theme was “the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. KCRW members Donna Broder, Janas Byrnes, Jody Deller (Captain), Erleigh N. Wiley, Mary Lee Seifried, Rhonda Hughey, Marilyn Rowden (a survivor), Jonelle Knisley, Linda Adair, all participated. The team had 23 members with many from the Kaufman County Courthouse and as of today 5/13 we have raised $2812 and the total for the Relay is over $93,000. I have another $92 and another donation is expected. (I plan to have $3000 by Monday May 16) Our baton won the first place prize. and we were one of only a few diehard teams to stay all night.

We were so fortunate, Joyce felt well enough to join us for a while and walk a few laps.


Great Time at the Genesis Center


Penny Thompson ~ Community Service
We had such a great time at the Genesis Center. JoNell Knisley, Tonya Carillo, Nancy Schoenle and the Easter Bunny (Donna Broder) were all there to help. Tonya’s little girl, Gracie (she is 3 1/2) helped her mom and JoNell hide the Easter eggs. We had a snack – ham and turkey sandwiches, chips and a drink – to help occupy the kiddos while the eggs were being hidden. We really did not need a diversion, the children were absolutely mesmerized with the Easter Bunny (Donna). She did a really great job of interacting with the children and they did not want her to leave. One little one kept looking inside the mouth of the bunny suit to see if they could see anyone on the inside. We ended the festivities with a pinata that we tied to the swing set outside and the children had great fun trying to whack the piñata. Even the puppy, Dude, joined in the fun. He found an egg that the kids had missed and went running across the yard, then he tore some of the streamers off the bottom of the pinata.

We had a total of nine children ranging in age from 1 year to early elementary school. The moms knew that the Easter Bunny was coming so they had their children all dressed up in their Easter finery for individual photos with the Easter Bunny.

Keep checking our website for more ways to get involved in our community and have fun at the same time!


April Minutes

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