Become a Deputy Voter Registrar

We are less than 30 days to the last day to register to vote!!!!!
The last day to register to vote is October 11.

WE need ladies to become Deputy Voter Registrars.  Why?

Because if you give a voter a voter registration card, and you are not deputized, that card has to be mailed in by that voter.  Do they always do it? No

If you become a Deputy Voter Registrar, you can have them fill out the card, and you can take that card to the Voter Registrar.  This guarantees that it gets to them and they are registered.

If you ask someone if they voted and they say well I registered when I renewed my driver’s license, that may or may not happen, you can again give them a card and carry it to the voter registrar.

There is training that is necessary to be deputized.

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