Celebrate Freedom

Calvin Coolige

Saturday is Independence Day, the 239th birthday of this Great Nation.  Families will be gathering together to grill hamburgers and hot dogs, eat watermelon and just enjoy each other in celebration.  But, what are they celebrating?  For many it is a long weekend, party time and fireworks, but do they know why they are celebrating.  With all of the recent court decisions, executive orders by the President, rules and regulations by the bureaucrats at the EPA using these to take peoples land, this is not the Country we grew up in or even recognize. A lot of our young people have no knowledge of our History.

Where is Her greatness celebrated?  We area the best Country in the World, people flock here from all over.  We used to have the best economy, best military, best standard of living.  Things have definitely changed for the worse.

The GOOD NEWS is, that WE the PEOPLE can make this Country great again.  It is up to us to say enough of this political correctness that is destroying Freedom of Speech, enough of the assaults on our Right to bear Arms. Enough of the persecution of our Religious Freedoms. It is not enough to vote to get good Conservatives elected, we have to be loud and vocal, make our voices heard from the rooftops.  The Left continues to be loud and persistent in their need to socialize this Country, we need to be louder and more persistent in our need to keep this FREE Country Great!!!!

The Silent Majority needs to be silent no more, if we want to save this Great Nation, and her Birthday is a great time to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.

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