Fall is Here

Fall is here, soon the weather will begin to  cool off just as the Election Cycle begins to heat up.

Already, candidates are getting out and walking, attending various functions and letting the voters get to know them. Candidates don’t begin signing up to run and putting down their fees until early November, but as far as campaigning goes, if you haven’t started by now you are way behind.

We will have elections for our Club Officers at our October meeting.  The slate of officers presented by the Nomination Committee at the September meeting were as follows;

President – Jody Deller
1st VP Programs – The Honorable Tonya Ratcliff
2nd VP Legislation – The Honorable Rhonda Hughey
3rd VP Campaign Activities – Deedra Evans
4th VP Publicity – The Honorable Erleigh Wiley
Secretary – Pam Eggett
PAC Treasurer – Janas Byrnes

As stipulated in our By-Laws, Article VIII Nominations and Elections – Section 2 – nominations from the floor shall be .  Also, according to Article IV – Membership, Section 2 (b) To be eligible to vote in club elections, a member must have paid her dues at least sixty (60) days prior to the election and must have attended at least two (2) meetings.

Hope to see you all there.




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