February 2010 • Vol 2 • Issue 2


Jody Deller ~ President

We are coming down to the wire. By the time you get this message, early voting may have already begun. At our meeting this month, we will have the precinct level candidates speak. There are four candidates in the Precinct 4 commissioner race and four in the Justice of Peace Precinct 2 race. There are two candidates in the Commissioner Precinct 2 race. The other JP candidates are unopposed. There have been some good forums around the county for the voters to see and ask questions of these candidates. Informed voters make better decisions.

As most of you know the Primary determines who is on the ballot in November. But the case this year is that most of the races will be decided in the Primary. Be sure to talk to your friends and neighbors about the importance of voting and remind them that early voting begins on Tuesday, February 16 and continues Monday through Friday until February 26. There will be voting on Saturday February 20. All voting will be from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the four Sub Courthouses in Kaufman at the Annex, Forney, Terrell and Kemp.

Also, be sure to go to your precinct convention to vote on who will be delegates to the County Convention on March 20, 2010. At the County Convention delegates will be chosen to go to the State Republican Convention in June.
See you at the meeting.

Danielle & Lewis Lambert

Visitors to January’s KCRW meeting:
Danielle & Lewis Lambert.


Janas Byrnes ~ Membership

L-R: Donna Broder, Dana Perino – former White House Press Secretary, Jody Deller and Marilyn Rowden at the TFRW Leadership Seminar

What an amazing time Republican women had at the Texas Federation of Republican Women Leadership Seminar in Austin! With energetic representation from districts all over the great State of Texas, we were inspired, encouraged, and informed on how to do our part in growing local membership and getting people involved. It was also an honor to have Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary, and Karen Hughes, former Counselor to George W. Bush and Undersecretary of State, as special speakers at the Friday evening reception.

At the seminar, our TFRW leaders reminded us that participation in the election process remains imperative to our success as a Federation and to the Republican Party. We need to recruit voters and become involved in our precinct, senatorial/county, state, and national conventions. In an effort to encourage involvement, our goal this year is to continue to educate our membership on the election process, candidates, issues, and legislative process. Ladies, we must restart our engines, shift into gear, and get rolling to make 2010 a successful year for the Republican Party!

L-R: Donna Broder, Jody Deller and Marilyn Rowden at the TFRW Leadership Seminar


The Kaufman County Republican Women January meeting was packed with county level candidates excited about sharing their campaign efforts with our club. This introduction to the candidates serves two purposes. It allows our members to hear all sides of the campaigns at one sitting, and also offers the candidates a safe place to practice their stump speeches and gain confidence on the campaign trail.

Our club enjoys helping candidates and bringing people together to share ideas and hints along the way. If you have not joined yet, please consider standard membership to get involved. And we also have a Patron level membership to help fund special events and club activities throughout the year. Membership forms can be found on our website.

Candidates Speak

Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is one of the most widely respected research and educational institutes in the world.

1. No, Washington was not born in England. All U.S. Presidents are required to be born on U.S. Soil. He was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on Feb 22, 1732.
2. The correct answer is zero. According to historians, Washington could not father children and in a strange twist of fate, the Father of our Country had no direct descendants.
3. No, Washington did not have wooden teeth. He battled tooth pain and loss most of his adult life. At various times he had false teeth made of lead, ivory, cow’s teeth, and other human teeth, but never wood.
4. Washington never won a battle in the French-Indian War. He was involved in the surrender of Fort Necessity in July 1754 and with the defeat and death of General Edward Braddock in 1755 Washington became well known and respected for his ability to make brilliant retreats.
5. Robert E. Lee was Washington’s relative. Lee was the Confederate General who surrendered to General Grant during the Civil War.
6. Washington did not instigate the Boston Tea Party. While he sympathized with the protesters, he disagreed with their methods.
7. The correct answer is five. North Carolina (1789), Rhode Island (1790), Vermont (1791), Kentucky (1792), and Tennessee (1796).