January Newsletter

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President’s Message

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  The New Year brings opportunities for all of us to make a difference.  This year ahead is going to be full of challenges and opportunities.

The upcoming March 4, 2014 Primary Ballot is going to be LONG.

The U. S. Senate Race has eight (8) candidates, Congressman Hensarling did not draw and opponent, there are four (4) candidates for Governor, four (4) candidates for Lt. Governor, four (4) candidates for Attorney General, four (4) candidates for Comptroller of Public Accounts, three (3) candidates for Commissioner of the General Land Office, five (5) candidates for Commissioner of Agriculture, four (4) candidates for Railroad Commissioner, and eight Judicial Races.

We have thirty one (31) county candidates.  This does not
include the three (3) state senate or two(2) state representative candidates or the Party Chair or precinct chair races.  It is going to be a long ballot.

Just a reminder, TFRW by-laws and our by-laws state:

Article III – Policy, Section 1 – Candidate Endorsement
This Organization, its President and its Campaign Activities Chairman shall not endorse any candidate for office in a contested Republican Primaries, runoff elections and special elections…..
Section 2 – Working for a Candidate – Individual members of this Organization, with the exception of the President and the Campaign Activities Chairman may work for any candidate of their choice in contested Republican Primaries but may not, in the name of this Organization.
Section 3 – Endorsement exemption – This article pertains only to contests between Republican candidates for Public Office. Officers if the Organization who are candidates or whose husband, or a member of her family are candidates shall be exempt from this rule, but may not do so in the name of this club.

We elected new officers at our October meeting and they are as follows:

President – Jody Deller
1st  VP Programs –  Pam Eggett
2nd VP Legislation – Barbara Jo Green
3rd VP Campaign Activities – The Honorable Tonya Ratcliff
Secretary – Deedra Evans
PAC Treasurer – Janas Byrnes

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