March 2010 • Vol. 2 • Issue 3

no  march meeting


Jody Deller ~ President

We have made it past the primaries! Some won and some didn’t, and some races are yet to be determined in runoff elections April 13. Next, we have our Republican County Convention, which falls on our March 20 meeting day. Needless to say we won’t have a meeting in March. The County Convention is open to those delegates elected at their precinct conventions on election night.

The County Convention is the next step toward going to the State Republican Convention. It is at this local convention where state delegates and alternates are elected. Resolutions are presented and voted on and these resolutions are passed on the the State Resolutions committee for consideration as part of the Republican Platform.

Our next meeting will be in April. We will begin to look ahead to the November elections with programs, speakers and events geared toward getting good candidates elected. We will be preparing to go to work. We may not have many local conadidates running but we will have plenty to do, so ladies…prepare to go to work!

vernon  statement
This entire document can be read at
At the end of the document, there is an opportunity to join support of the declaration along with prominent people who have already committed to support the statement.


Janas Byrnes ~ Membership

Renewal notices have been sent to 45 previous members and we are hopeful they will choose to continue with their membership in KCRW. We value those past members, as well as all of you who are so faithful and continue to work as Republican Women.

Our new project for the month of March is for each of you to submit to me the name of at least one prospective member. I will take the name and address, and send a nice letter, along with our membership brochure inviting them to join. I will do some follow-up work during the year in case they choose not to join at this time. I feel each of us can come up with at least one name.

It is a great time for us to grow our club, since so many are concerned and interested in making a difference in our government. Perhaps you had someone new at your precinct convention that might want to “get involved”. Thanks for your input and for all you do as Republican Women!


Penny Thompson ~ Community service

We had a great time Friday, March 5th providing childcare at the Genesis Center. Ruth Ann Law and David and Penny Thompson were there to provide fun and guidance for the children. David (you know how he loves our goats) brought one of his prize new babies (Mr. Smith) for the kiddos and moms to see. Mr. Smith was a great hit – many of the moms had never seen a goat “up close and personal”. Jimmy Stewart, Hollywood’s Mr. Smith went to Washington, our Mr. Smith went to the Genesis Center.

We had four kiddos all under four. Three little boys: Kenneth, Brayden and Jayden and one little girl: Bella. The boys could not get close enough to David and enjoyed the “man” time very much. That gave Ruth Ann and I time to play with Bella. All in all, we had a great time. The mom’s were very appreciative that we were there and gave us all hugs and a big “thank you” before we left.


The charts below reflect the Republican Primary election results. The highlighted rows will be decided in a runoff on April 15. Please exercise your right to make the decisions about your government by going back to the polls to place your vote. Some of these candidates will face Democrat opponents in November. (click images to enlarge)

GOP MESSAGECongressman Jeb Hensarling
Time for a Spending Limit Amendment

Congressman Jeb Hensarling

Last week, I introduced a Constitutional amendment to put a spending cap on federal spending. Here are some excerpts from my March 2 Washington Times op-ed:
Fiscal storm clouds are upon us. In five years, federal spending has skyrocketed to 24.7% from 19.9% of our economy. That’s the highest level since World War II. Borrowing has ballooned the national debt to $11.9 trillion from $7.3 trillion, a five-year increase equal to the accumulation of debt between President George Washington and President Bill Clinton.

Unfortunately, the long-term fiscal picture is worse. As the Baby Boom generation retires and the cost of health care continues to escalate, entitlement programs will cause federal spending to rise to 40% of our economy, double its post-World War II average. This is assuming that spending does not increase even further, an assumption that the trillion-dollar “stimulus” bill and the 84% increase in nondefense discretionary spending President Obama signed into law argues against.

Winston Churchill once said that “Americans can always be trusted to do the right thing, once all other possibilities have been exhausted.” We’ve exhausted the possibilities. Now it’s time to do the right thing.

That is why we are proposing a Spending Limit Amendment to the Constitution. This amendment would limit spending to one-fifth of the economy (our historical spending average since World War II). The limit could only be waived by a declaration of war or by a two-thirds congressional vote.
As with other constitutional amendments, Congress would be given the authority to enforce and implement it. But for the first time, the federal government would have a limit on its size and scope. Some will say it should not be done now. But if not now, when?

Our spending problems are tantamount to generational theft and fundamentally alter the American ethic. We cannot have both unlimited government and unlimited opportunity.

This amendment is an effort to allow “We the People” the opportunity to fundamentally define the size of our government. Passing it would save future generations from lives of fewer opportunities and less freedom.

“We the People…” The time has come for the people to stand up and be
heard by the leaders of the nation. Freedom must be protected.