March Newsletter

President’s Message – Jody Deller

We have had the Primary.  Under our By-laws, our club did not endorse or support any candidate.  Now we move on to the Run-off election , which will be held May 27, 2014.   The date is unfortunate because it is the Tuesday after Memorial Day, a holiday. Again, our club, will not endorse or support any candidate, although individuals may support whomever they choose.

There are three county races facing the runoff, one county wide;
Judge,  86th District Court with Wade Gent and Casey Blair,
and two Precinct level Races;
Justice of Peace, Precinct 1 – Mary Bardin and Lisa Gent Harrison and
Commissioner, Precinct 4 – Jakie Allen and Tim Ratcliff.
Other Statewide races including;
Lt. Governor – David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick,
Attorney General – Dan Branch and Ken Paxton,
Comptroller –  Glen Hegar and Harvey Hildebrand Hildebrand has withdrawn), Commissioner of Agriculture – Sid Miller and Tommy Merritt,
Railroad Commissioner  –  Ryan Sitton and Wayne Christian,
Senator Senate District 2 –  Bob Deuell and Bob Hall.

Although, we can’t campaign for a candidate, we can work to get out the vote.  We will be talking more about that later.

Remember we are dedicating the bench donated by KCRW in honor of Cynthia McLelland.  The ceremony will be at 10:00 a.m. in the Chapel on the grounds of Terrell State Hospital.

See you Saturday!


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