May Presidents Message

This is an exciting time, we have just had our city, school board, bond elections, as I am writing this, we have just concluded State Republican Convention, early voting begins on Monday, May 16 with the Runoff Election on Tuesday May 24.

Whew!!!!! What a time to be a Republican Woman.  We have a presumptive Presidential nominee, with seven remaining  primaries ending on June 7 and 445 delegates remaining.

Going to be an interesting few primaries with names still on the ballot, but have suspended campaigns.

What we have to remember is that our PRIMARY goal is to beat the presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton.  what is really scary is that an avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders has such a following, especially millennials.  Donald Trump may not be yours or my first choice, but when it gets down to what our end game is, we have too much to lose to not support the Convention’s nominee.

Another four years like the last eight will be disastrous to this country.  The current occupant of the White House has done more to damage this country than any known outside enemy.  The economy is stagnant, race relations have been set back 50 years, our military is the weakest it has been since before WWII, and most of us are worried for our grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We are headed in the wrong direction and both the Democrat candidates want to give away everything and raise taxes to pay for it.

We could have as many as three to four Supreme Court Justice appointments, as many of them are in their late 70’s or early 80’s.  Can you imagine the assault on our Constitutional rights if the court were 5-4 or more liberals?

Now is not the time to dig in your heels because you don’t like the nominee,  look what happened when millions of  evangelicals stayed at home in 2012.  We must stand behind whoever the nominee is, even if we don’t particularly agree with it.  But Vote we must. We must get to work after the July 18 Convention to make sure we take the White House and keep the majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives.

We must all look at the big picture and do what is best for our Country and we know who it is NOT!!!!!

We have invited all of our county run off candidates to speak at our upcoming meeting  on Saturday, May 21.  Early voting will have been going on for that week and I am sure they are ready for Election Day and the results of their hard work are known.

We wish them all well and ask that everyone try to run their race above board and civily.


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