President’s Letter April 2021 – Judge Amy Tarno

April is my favorite month for KCRW because it is the month of our Membership Tea!  I remember attending my first membership tea as a new member of KCRW and how exciting it was to be a NEW member of such a great club.  Then the following year, I had the honor of becoming the Chair of our membership committee and it was MY responsibility to coordinate this wonderful event and I was so excited and nervous at the same time!  Last year was my first year as president of KCRW and although we were not able to have our tea last year, I continued to look forward to 2021 when we would be able to host this amazing event again and now the time is FINALLY here!!!

TFRW has a goal of 11,000 members by June (convention cutoff date) and we have our own goal of 61-100 members (large club status).  I truly believe that this is attainable!  The women are there. We just need to invite them, remind them, and let them know how vital they are!

I know 2020 was a hard year for many reasons, but we must look forward and believe that 2021 can and will be better!  Our TFRW President reminded us this month, that hard times create strong men (and women), and create the opportunity for greatness.  I challenge each of you to be strong, to be leaders for our party, for our community and for our club!

Thank you for the honor of serving you as KCRW President!