Presidents Message

Calvin Coolige

WE are celebrating the birth of our nation, a nation that has been a beacon of freedom to the world.

Our forefathers signed a document that broke all ties to Britain and the British Empire and we began the experiment called the United States of America.

In this day and time we are in a fight to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution.  We are being told that our Great Nation is not so great, and we have got to change the way we are doing things, that the rights granted by the Bill of Rights need to change.

We I for one, think the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights are just what we need at this time, just the way they are written.

Like the Bible, these documents, as written, set forth the things that are important for people to live by.

We, as American Citizens, need to start standing up for the principles that this country was founded on and stop compromising.  There are certain standards, morals and ways of life that we are losing, and not for the better.  We must wake up if we want our Country to be the Greatest Free Nation in the World.

We, the people, must commit ourselves to preserving and teaching our history.  History as it happened, not as some would like it to be.  Our children are not being taught how great this nation is and how it gives everyone the opportunity to be  whatever they want to be.  WE are guaranteed the opportunity, but we must be willing to take the opportunity and work for the benefits that opportunity offers.

We can begin today and continue in our daily lives to make ourselves heard.  One of our purposes as Republican Women is to inform our members and the electorate through political education. If you are not familiar with Hillsdale College, I would urge you to go to their website.  They have free courses on the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and many other subjects.  Take a few minutes to check these out.

Today would be a great day to read your Constitution, we all need to read, re-read and study our Founding Documents, the consequences of not doing so will further the cause of the Progressive left.  Understand the great wisdom these men had and how it has survived this long.  Don’t let our freedoms slip away.  We have way too many people who do not have a clue.



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