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flag and we the people

Only 85 Days Until the Election

Summer is drawing to a close, those dreaded Dog Days of Summer, school will be starting next week.  Those are the thoughts we are having at this time.  But it is only 85 days until the November General Election. An election in which we have two candidates with high unfavorable ratings.  Our Republican Party nominated Donald Trump and Mike Pence for President and Vice President and whether we like our nominee or not, the choice is clear.

I have heard many say, well I will just stay home, I can’t vote for Trump, but staying home or voting for a third party candidate, elects HRC. Remember when Ross Perot ran in 1992 as an independent.  George H. W. Bush was running against Bill Clinton.  Do you remember what happened.  Perot got enough votes to give the election to Clinton.  Will history repeat itself. Do we really want another Clinton in the White House?

If for no other reason think of this one;

Supreme Court Justice Appointments!!!!!!!!! Do we really want a Progressive Democrat appointing 2-4 Supreme Court Justices.  

Watching and listening to social media and main stream media, it is really a jumble of what people are thinking.  Donald Trump said this, another Hillary scandal.  We are all going to be worn out by the November election.

What I know is this, Hillary Clinton is a career politician who will say and do whatever it takes to win.  The scandals that have plagued her and husband are just a sample of what is to come if she is elected.  I believe she is far to the left of Obama, her college thesis was on Saul Alinsky, a known Communist, she is pro abortion, pro big government and against many of the Rights given to us in our Constitution. She will try to take away our 2nd, 4th, 5th and 10th amendment rights.   If she can appoint judges, these things will happen.  Look at is already happening with some of the liberal judges on the benches across this country.

She has lied to the American people over and over again, hid her emails, endangered the national security of this country, allowed four brave men to be murdered in Benghazi due to her lack of  action, supports planned parenthood, and stands for all the things conservatives fight against.

What ever Donald Trump has said, none of it compares to what HRC had done, or not done. The Donald says what he means, it may not be politically correct, it can be easily turned around and used against him, but he doesn’t parse his words in order to please one group or another.

One of our most precious rights is the right to vote, to participate in our republican form of government.  If we choose to not participate, then we all lose.  flag and we the people

We need to get to work to make sure we get Republicans up and down the ballot elected.  This may be our last chance to save our country.

We will talking about our game plan for Kaufman at the meeting

We need to vote Trump/Pence!

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