President's Message

Time is flying by as we get closer and closer to the General Election.

Sorry to say both candidates seem to be self destructing. The comments made by Donald Trump in 2005 are deplorable and I am certainly not excusing what he said, BUT I would rather have someone who makes CRUDE comments than a CROOK. 

Much is being made about Mr. Trump losing a billion dollars and then using legal IRS laws, what you don’t hear much about is that Mrs. Clinton did the same thing in 2015 when she lost $700,000.

Mr. Trumps language is crude to say the least, but no one has died.

Mrs. Clinton has the blood of the Benghazi victims on her hands.

Saying this, these latest scandals distract us from the real issues we should be talking about, the economy, defining, naming and destroying our enemy – radical Islamic terrorists. Putting America first!!!!  Taking care of our veterans, who served their country and deserve better than they are getting.  Rebuilding our military.

Resolving the racial strife that has been created over the last eight years is paramount.  The current administration has done more damage to race relations in eight years that it took almost fifty to work on and improve. It is the antithesis of what Dr. Martin Luther King envisioned.

These are the issues we should be talking about!!!!!!

Having a businessman as President will be a first, someone who actually understands negotiating contracts and agreements.

Most importantly, the next President will appoint from one to three Supreme Court Justices.  If for no other reason should you vote Republican.

I am a woman, I am embarrassed by what Mr. Trump has said, but I am more disturbed by what Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have done and will do to this country if she is elected.

We will lose the country that our Founding Fathers created. We are seeing that now, as we lose more and more of our freedoms under democrat leadership. We have only to look at Detroit MI, and other large cities that have been run by Democrats to see our future if HRC is elected.

Vote early or on Election Day, but vote for the Republican candidates.  They are our only hope. A vote for a third party option will guarantee that HRC will win.



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