President's Message

On January 20, 2017 Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America, thirty days before this country celebrates President Day on February 20, 2017.  President’s Day has been a time-honored holiday recognizing Presidents’ Washington and Lincoln, but President’s Day has also now popularly been viewed as a day to celebrate all presidents- past and present.  Along, with celebrating our former Presidents; Republicans should come together and celebrate our new Republican President, who is “Making America Great Again.”

Part of “Making America Great Again,” is getting engaged in the political process locally, state-wide and nationally.  There is no more engaged group then the women and associates of KCRW.  Renew your membership if you haven’t already; there is application at the bottom of this newsletter or you can contact Sandra Wilson, Membership Chair, or pick up an application at our next general meeting, which will be March 18, 2017 at Texas Farm Bureau, located at 2477 N. State Highway 34 in Kaufman, TX.  We will have an exciting panel of our local law enforcement officials for our March meeting.

Every day when you turn on the news; as you sort fake news from what is real; there is a feeling that conservative ideals are being advanced.  There is a lot going on. Now is a time to get engaged. These are exciting times. Come be a part of the biggest political change in your lifetime!


Erleigh N. Wiley

Kaufman County Republican Women, President

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