President's Message

Attending Leadership Day in Georgetown was phenomenal! KCRW members that
attended learned so much from other clubs. It was an exciting, fun, and educational
Spring is around the corner…and what that means for Kaufman County Republican
Women are primary elections! This is a very busy season. Candidates and office
holders are working hard to get their messages out and Republican women are sup-
porting all our Republican office seekers and keepers.
MARK YOUR CALENDAR: March 24, 2018 is our Membership Tea. Details to
follow, but save the date and start inviting your friends to attend. Promises to be a
great time!
Please come out to our February meeting, which is on February 17, 2018 at 10:00
a.m. Our meetings are located at the Farm Bureau on Highway 34. We are inviting
candidates to come out and introduce themselves to our members and community.
See you there!