President's Message

After our August KCRW meeting, I don’t know if it can get any better! We were so energized by our local mayors coming out and talking to the Club. We learned so much about what is going on in our communities…and the growth! Kaufman County is changing before our eyes.

Our September meeting is scheduled for September 10, 2018, which will be held at Alfredo’s, located in Forney, TX off Hwy 80. The program will be presented by Brenda Samples, Tax-Assessor and head of the Elections Department. She will discuss the election process, take questions, and deputize anyone that wants to assist in registering voters. Come learn about the process! This election is approaching quickly and we need to help our candidates be successful in 2018. Registering Republican voters is a great start.

BUNCO is our fundraiser. These monies are used to assist our candidates in their election. We need “all hands on deck.” Please volunteer to help with one of our committees: decorations, food, silent auction, publicity, and we need your attendance. Final planning meeting for BUNCO will be at our October KCRW meeting before the meeting at 5:30 pm.

Mark your calendars for the fall: September 10 and October 8- KCRW meetings, 6:30 pm, location is at Alfredo’s; October 13- BUNCO Fundraiser, location is at Kaufman County Fairgrounds, event starts at 5:30; no November meeting and Christmas party is on December 2, Sunday afternoon at Oram Farm, in Rosser, TX.