President’s Message ~ Sandra Wilson

Ladies of KCRW,

Whew, I hope everyone is strapped in and ready for the excitement. What a month we are going to have! Our meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 11th and it’s going to be very informative. Our county chair, Jimmy Weaver will be presenting us with some very valuable information regarding the voting status of our county. It will blow your stockings off…well you get the picture. We will have our regularly scheduled meeting and he will be our guest speaker. I would recommend you bring your bestie, your husband, your neighbor. He will be educating us some startling information you will not want to miss and have to share. We LOVE RED, right???? Well it is being challenged.
Later in the month we will be having our membership tea. Amy Tarno is working feverishly to make this year’s event fabulous. She will need some help from us girls so let’s be ready to respond. Be mindful as to the guests you will invite and get it on their calendars, March 30th, 11:00-1:00 at the Terrell Garden Center. Her invite is in your email.  Our T-shirts will be ready in a couple of weeks, your name badge is available at this months meeting and our awesome brochures are printed and ready for you to take to your new prospective members. I am thrilled to see our club continue to branch out and grow. We are strong in numbers and we have to stand strong with our Republican sisters.

Looking forward to seeing you all,
Sandra Wilson