Remember 9/11

eagle with tear


Thursday is September 11, a day that we will all remember forever.  Do you remember where you were?

With all the discussions going on right now about the terrorists groups re-emerging in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East, and the beheading of two American journalists, it should be a reminder that we live in a dangerous world.  There are those who would like to downplay the significance of what is going on, but for myself, I would rather be aware and prepared to defend our Country, than to wait until something happens on our homeland. Our southern border needs to be closed.  Not only are illegal immigrants coming across from South America, but also individuals that may have the intent to do harm to our country.

If you haven’t seen or know of James O’Keefe of the Veritas Project, he has a video where they had a person dress up as Osama Bin Laden  crossing the Rio Grande.  It just shows how easy it is to come into the Country.


Our club will be putting out  approximately 250 American Flags at the Kaufman Veteran’s Memorial on Wednesday, September 10 to remember those who perished on 9/11/2001.

We would do well to make sure our elected know how we feel about this issue.

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pennsylvania pentagon


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