Republican Primary Run-Off Candidates

VoteButtonThe Republican Primary Run-Off is on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.  That is the day after a long Memorial Day holiday.  Getting citizens out to vote is hard enough, but following a long holiday weekend, makes it that much more difficult.  According to the Secretary of States’ statistics  (see website), the percentage of turn out to Registered Voters was about 11.4 per cent in the 2010 Gubernatorial Election Republican Primary and in 2006 it was 5.15 per cent. This does not identify the Run-off for those years, if there were any.   So we can probably expect a fairly low turnout on May 27.  That means Getting Out The Vote for these candidates will be imperative.

Remember, April 28th is the last day to register to vote in the Run-off.  If you did not voter in either Primary you can still vote in the Run-off.

Make sure you support and work for the candidate of your choice.

Candidates in the Republican Run-Off are:


Lt. Governor  –  David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick

Attorney General – Dan Branch and Ken Paxton

Agriculture Commissioner – Sid Miller and Tommy Merritt

Railroad Commissioner – Wayne Christian and Ryan Sitton


State Senate District 2 – Bob Deuell and Bob Hall

86th District Judge – Casey Blair and Wade Gent

Commissioner Precinct 4 – Jakie Allen and Tim Ratcliff


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