September Newsletter

President’s Message  by Janas Byrnes                               


With only 23 days left until the election, we have the most exciting speaker possible with Borah Van Dormolen, our Republican National Committeewoman, coming to visit us this meeting.  Thank you Barbara Jo Green, for planning this at our last meeting before the election.  I assure you all, we will come away inspired!!!  I know many clubs who would love to have Borah’s insider information just before the election!  Borah, you are a dear friend to take time to be with us.

I believe we have a very good chance of taking back America and putting a recovery

plan in place with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  I loved the debates thus far and am

hopeful the next one will be as successful.  It looks as though Republicans are excited

this election and are planning on turning out in record numbers to insure a win.

Our plan to have a candidate forum this month has run into some obstacles that we

are not able to overcome. Thank you all for your willingness to participate, if this plan had actually gone forward.  Perhaps these obstacles were a blessing to us.

Our next outing will be Saturday, October 27th, which is the Kaufman Chamber “Scarecrow Festival” and parade.  As you all know, we will have a booth and we will take this opportunity to do some “get out the vote” work.  We are expecting a very large crowd.  Please volunteer your time and help us make a great showing at the festival, as concerned Republican Women. We will have more discussion at our regular upcoming meeting on Saturday, Oct. 20th, 9:30, to work out the details of our booth.

Please keep hoping, praying and working toward a resounding win on November 6th.

See you Saturday and please bring a friend along.

Janas Byrnes

GOTV with Chris Elam


Chris Elam, the Deputy Director of the Republican Party of Texas was out September speaker.  He gave us an overview of some of the efforts being made in targeted races in Texas and spoke of the ongoing Hispanic Outreach lead by David Zapata.

Some of the targeted races for the State House of Representatives are;
Kenneth Sheets, District 107,
Stephani Carter, District 102 and
Jason Vialba, District 114.

Dr. Mark Shelton, District 10, is running a very hotly contested Senate race against Democrat Wendy Davis.
These candidates could use our help, the RPT is opening a Victory 2012 Center in Arlington.

The State Party now has all 254 county chairman positions filled which is a first in many years.

Chris stress the need for everyone to go to the Mitt Romney campaign site and sign up for the call from home program.

Early voting starts in these swing states on these dates

Iowa – September 27

Ohio – October 2

New Mexico  – October 9

North Carolina – October 18

Nevada – October 20

Colorado & Wisconsin – October 22

Florida  –  October 27

So ladies let’s pick a state and get those calls going.