President's Message

I missed the meeting last month, as did a lot of you. We have the post primary, summertime doldrums. LADIES, I know we are all tired and all disappointed in the way some of the races in our county turned out! But, now is not the time to stop working for what we believe in . Friday, June 6 was D-Day, Saturday June 14, was Flag Day and Friday, July 4 is Independence Day! All of these days signify something important. Our Country as we know it is disappearing. The current administration is, by sheer incompetence or willful action, is making us less safe all over the world. There are some days when I have to turn the TV or radio off, because my blood pressure spikes.

We constantly hear about the assaults on our 1 st ,2 nd, and 4 th  amendment rights. The left is trying to get crosses that have been in place for many, many years at our soldiers’ memorials removed. It is a sad, sad world we are now living in. There is a new crisis nearly every day and a new scandal. The national Tea Party’s are working to get their conservative candidates elected, replacing some “Establishment Republicans”. In some cases that really needs to happen. Some of these House Members and Senators who have made a career out of being elected and re-elected have lost touch with the grassroots and what is actually going on outside of the Washington Beltway. They have in many cases become tone deaf to their constituents. Of course, our representatives do no fall into that category and we need to work to make sure they are re-elected in the fall. It would be very easy to say “Oh, it is awful, there is nothing we can do. I am tired of the constant fight, the bickering within the Party.” And I have also felt that same way. But then I see Facebook posts and e-mails and I get mad and know that now is not the time to give up!

I don’t know about your but I am not going to let MY COUNTRY slide into Socialism without a fight. This month and next we honor those who have fought and died, and those brave men who had the courage to fight for our independence, so that we might have a free country to practice the religion of our choice, protect our families, pursue the American Dream. I hope you will all join me in the challenge we have ahead.

This is a call to action ladies, will you join with us to work for the country and county we live in and love. There is lots of work to do, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

This is sooooo much bigger that we are.


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