President's Message – Barbara Jo Green

For such a short month, February is loaded with special days. Valentine’s Day has just passed along with President’s’ Day and of course the entire month is Black History month. Red is a color that runs throughout the month, and Republicans love red. It seems that this month’s theme is relationships and that fits right in with my desire for unity in the Republican Party of Kaufman County.   We do have a big election coming in 2016 that needs us to work together, so I am delighted that some direction fell right into my lap.

Jody and I attended a Kaufman Chamber of Commerce event this week where the speaker, Pylar Pinkston, talked about networking.   She gave me permission to use what she said in my message. I will only use her first point from the 4 Cs of networking this month, and will continue in future messages unless we get her to come speak to our club. Jody got her contact info, so I will not be surprised she comes soon.

The 4 Cs of Networking are Contact, Communicate, Call, Care.


When you are introduced to people, make eye contact and verify their name. For example you can say, “What is your name; I didn’t get it.” Using their name throughout the conversation helps you lock it into your memory with their face. (Clarissa says you are good friends, Jane; how did you meet? Jane, do you have a hobby?)

Make notes about that person as soon as you can. All smart phones have a notepad feature where you can type in information, so you don’t have to wait until you get home. Our speaker typed in our names as we went around the room introducing ourselves.

So how can we use this? We need to grow our membership and we need to grow support for Republican candidates. We do both by meeting new people and inviting them to be a part of what we are doing.

Barbara Jo Green

PS Remember we are looking at moving our meeting to a weekday night for the benefit of those who would like to attend our meetings, but find that our current Saturday meetings are not convenient. A test meeting could happen as soon as next month.


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