President's Message

The Primary is behind us and the Run-off will be here before we know it, May 27.  As you know the Club may not work for or support a candidate in the name of the club, but may do so as individuals. The President and Campaign Activities cannot publicly endorse a candidate. I encourage all of you to get involved with whichever candidate you decide to support and let them know you are willing work.

Our March meeting was held at Terrell Sate Hospital, where we had a dedication ceremony in honor of Cynthia McLelland.  The Club wanted to do something that would be a lasting memorial to our former member and friend Cynthia.  A committee was appointed to find a suitable memorial.  The Club agreed that a granite bench set on the grounds of the hospital that Cynthia loved would be appropriate.  Family members were invited as well as members of the Kaufman Quilt Guild.

We had a lovely ceremony with a reception afterwards.  Below are some of the pictures from that event.  We also filmed the event for posterity.  If anyone would like a copy of the video or pictures, please let me know.  I have sent Cynthia’s sister, Nancy John,  copies.

DSC00940 DSC00943

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